pintados con humanos camuflado

Wallpaper - Red BirdWallpaper - Red Bird
Artist Emma Hack creates beautiful designs that blend her models into their surroundings.

The effects of this artwork kind of looks like 3D human wallpaper.

Wallpaper - Crocodile SkinWallpaper - Crocodile Skin
Emma, who lives in Australia, painstakingly paints the patterns onto the models by hand. While most of her designs take about 9 hours, she has spent up to 19 hours on just one of her designs.

Emma is a body artist that has been creating designs for over 20 years. She began as a teenager by painting on children’s faces and found she was pretty good at it.

She eventually went on to college where she studied make-up artistry and discovered she liked body painting. She has won many awards for her artwork.

Wallpaper - Kabuki FelineWallpaper - Kabuki Feline
Wallpaper designed by Florence Broadhurst, a designer in the 1930’s, was Emma’s inspiration for her wallpaper art. She has currently made 29 of these beautiful creations.

She never really has trouble finding any models. When people see her amazing work they are always quick to offer their body for the sake of her art.
Wallpaper - CarnationWallpaper - Carnation
Wallpaper - Spotted FloralWallpaper - Spotted Floral
Wallpaper - OwlWallpaper - Owl
Wallpaper -Tropical ButterflyWallpaper -Tropical Butterfly
Wallpaper -Tawny FrogmouthWallpaper -Tawny Frogmouth
Wallpaper - GlovesWallpaper - Gloves
Dali KiteDali Kite
Midnight MartiniMidnight Martini
I think it would be fun to have my house designed this way. People would come over and think they see something move out of the corner of their eye. While quickly denying that I’d seen anything, I’d walk them past the artwork at just the right time for a model to jump out at them. Yeah, then no one would ever come over to my place ever again. Ahh, the life of a hermit.

My favorite design is the crocodile wallpaper. What about you?
Many thanks to Emma Hack.


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